Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday's Basket

Sorry, I'm a little behind. I realized last night that I forgot to post anything about the Bountiful Basket I got on Saturday. It was a good one! I also have quite a bit of stuff left over from last week's basket, so we should eat pretty well this week! Hopefully some of it will last into next week since I'll be out of town this weekend and will have to go without a basket!

Saturday's basket included celery, romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, onions, spinach, yellow squash, corn, strawberries, bananas (not pictured, my bad), lemons, grapefruit, and apples. Here are a few ideas for everything:

Celery: chop into sticks and eat with dill dip, spinach dip, or peanut butter, or chop and freeze in 1-cup portions for future use in recipes

Lettuce: green salad, Fritos salad

Tomatoes: green salad, Fritos salad, sandwiches, summer vegetable tian, fresh salsa, omelettes

Onions: onion rings, uglies, summer vegetable tian, fresh salsa, stuffed peppers (recipe coming soon)

Spinach: smoothies, omelettes, spinach dip (although I must say I prefer to use frozen spinach over fresh spinach in dips)

Yellow squash: breaded & fried, summer vegetable tian, steamed

Corn: steamed, grilled, or however you like to cook corn on the cob

Strawberries: eat as is, smoothies

Bananas: eat as is, smoothies, tropical banana bread, frozen chocolate peanut butter bananas (I'll try to make these this week and post them because they're so awesome)

Lemons: sliced or quartered and served with ice water, lemon coconut sugar cookies (recipe coming soon), freeze juice in ice cube trays for future use (like in wheat pizza crust)

Grapefruit: eat as is, or maybe with a little sugar

Apples: eat as is, smoothies, apple pie, apple crisp

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