Sunday, April 1, 2012

Homemade Fabric Softener

I know a lot of people don't bother to use fabric softener, but I've always loved it. I think it makes a definite difference in how my clothes feel. Last week I made my own laundry soap with great success. I figured if that worked so well, maybe I could make my own fabric softener too. There are lots of recipes out there. I picked the simplest one I could find: vinegar and essential oil. To be honest I can't remember where I found it, so there won't be a link back to the original site.

I've only used it on a few loads so far, but for the cost, I'm very happy with the results. My clothes don't smell as strongly as I'd like, but strong fragrances irritate both my husband's and my daughter's skin, so I guess that's not a bad thing. Everything seems to come out soft. I've also read a lot of things about vinegar lately that say it gets rid of residues and smells on clothing, so I figure it most certainly can't hurt to use it!

Homemade Fabric Softener

1 gallon white vinegar
20 drops essential oil (I used lavender, but I think you could use whatever you want, like a citrus oil or tea tree oil)

Add essential oil to vinegar and shake to combine. Add 1/2 c. to rinse cycle. My fabric softener dispenser happens to measure 1/2 c. exactly, so I just add it to the dispenser. Shake before each use, as oil and vinegar will separate.

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