Thursday, June 14, 2012

Copycat Primanti Brothers Sandwich

I've never been to Pennsylvania. Therefore, I've never been to Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh. But the Travel Channel has, and I've seen the famed Primanti Brothers sandwiches on at least three different shows. They always look so delicious. After seeing a similar sandwich from another restaurant on tv earlier this week, my husband asked if I would try to make one. What is a Primanti Brothers sandwich? It's a delicious sandwich on Italian bread with french fries and coleslaw on the sandwich. Seriously, how can that be bad? Let me tell you my friends, it is so, so good. And all I have to go off is my copycat version. I'm sure the real thing is so much more amazing, because the real thing always is.

This is quite a bit more work than your average sandwich, but you don't want to eat this every day for work. Your thighs would not thank you for that. For a rare treat, it's awesome. Just do a little prep work and you'll be good to go. I made the coleslaw first, then started working on the french fries. While the fries were cooking (I even went the extra mile and blanched them first!) I sliced the bread and tomatoes and made individual piles of meat. Just as the fries were finishing, I threw the piles of meat into a frying pan and warmed them up, then topped each one with cheese and let it melt. I put the meat and cheese onto slices of bread, then let everyone finish their own sandwiches. I went to all the extra work of blanching the fries, heating the meat, and warming the cheese because a review of the recipe I found said that's how it's done at Primanti Brothers. The recipe is for one sandwich, so it basically gives you an idea of how much of everything to add to each sandwich.

Copycat Primanti Brothers Sandwich

adapted from

2 slices Italian bread
5-6 slices deli meat (we used ham, turkey, and roast beef)
2 slices provolone cheese
1/4 c. Copycat Primanti Brothers Coleslaw
2 slices tomatoes
1 c. hot french fries

Warm meat in skillet. Top with cheese and melt. Spread mayo on one slice of bread, then add meat and cheese, coleslaw, tomatoes, and french fries. Top with remaining piece of bread. Enjoy!

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  1. In Pittsburgh when you heat deli meat in a skillet it's called "frizzled," as in "frizzled ham." Just thought you might want to add that to your Primanti Brother's experience. :)