Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today's Basket

Woo hoo! I feel like I hit the Bountiful Basket jackpot today! A little girl helped me load my produce today so I didn't actually pay attention to everything I got until I got home and set it all out for its photo shoot. I got so much stuff! And I'm excited to eat it all!

Today my basket included pineapples, bananas, mangoes, honeydew, green apples, apricots, plums, tomatoes, a cucumber, kale, acorn squash, celery, and romaine lettuce. All for $15! I think we'll just eat most of the fruit as snacks, but I have a few ideas for the other stuff.

Pineapples: cut them up and store them in the fridge for snacks or grill them

Bananas: freeze them and blend them up with a little Nutella or peanut butter for an ice cream-like treat or dip them in melted peanut butter and chocolate and then freeze them (it's hot, I want my bananas frozen)

Mangoes: peel and eat

Honeydew: cut it up and stick it in the fridge for snacks

Green apples: apple pie, apple cobbler

Apricots: snacks

Plums: snacks, mix with apples for plum apple cobbler, or plum apple butter

Tomatoes: green salad, pasta salad, bacon macaroni salad, Fritos salad

Cucumber: all the same ideas as the tomato, tomatoes and cucumbers just go together

Kale: kale chips, zuppa toscana

Acorn squash: roasted with brown sugar

Celery: ants on a log or chop and freeze for later use

Romaine lettuce: green salad, Caesar salad, Fritos salad

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