Friday, June 1, 2012

Josh & MarKell: Hoping to Adopt

I have some good friends that are hoping to adopt a child. I've known them both for a long time, and they are amazing parents to an adorable little girl. They posted some links on facebook and send me some adoption cards to carry in case I happen upon someone who might be interested in the adoption process. I've been thinking about how I can help them, because to be honest I don't think I know many people who might need a good family for a baby. Then it occurred to me that I think that, I don't know it. And maybe I don't know anyone personally, but maybe someone who reads my blog might know someone, or maybe someone I'm friends with on facebook knows someone.

So I decided to write a short post about them and get their information out there, and hopefully it will reach the right person! You can read all about them at their adoption website. Please pass the information along. If you are interested in the adoption process, watch this amazing video about how adoption has touched so many families.

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